RealTimeStrings are similar to Javascript strings. A string is an ordered collection of characters, where each character can be identified by a zero-based index:

String: "Foo Bar"
Indices: 0123456

The main interactions with the RealTimeString are inserting and removing individual characters or groups of characters at specific indices. For the following examples, assume that the data model looks like the following:

  message: "Hello World"

Getting the String's Value

The string's value can be obtained using the zero-argument value() method.

const message = root.get("message");
console.log(message.value()); // Hello World

Setting the Strings's Value

The entire string can be set at once using the single argument value(string) method. Once called, the string will be equal to the value specified.

const message = root.get("message");
message.value("New Value");
console.log(message.value()); // New Value

Inserting into a String

To insert characters into a string, use the insert(index, value) method. This will insert the specified string at the specified location.

const message = root.get("message");
message.insert(0, "Why ");
message.insert(15, "!");
console.log(message.value()); // Why Hello World!

Removing from a String

To remove existing characters from a string, use the remove(index, length) method. This will remove the specified number of characters from the string, starting from the specified index.

const message = root.get("message");
message.remove(5, 1);
console.log(message.value()); // HelloWorld

Other Methods

See the API documentation for full details of the methods of the RealTimeString.

Method Description
length() Returns the current length of the string.


See the API documentation for full details of the methods of the RealTimeString.

Event Description
"insert" Emitted when characters are inserted into the string.
"remove" Emitted when characters are removed from the string.
"value" Emitted when the entire string's value is set.
"detached" Emitted when the element is detached from the model.

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