Activity Participation

To interact with the activity you must join it first. Once joined, you become a participant of that activity. Each session that joins the activity will be a unique participant. A session can only join an activity once. That is, if a session tries to join an activity it has already joined, the API will throw an error.


The first step in interacting with an activity isto join it. Joining signifies participation in the activity. An activity can be joined by using the ActivityService.join(activityId):

domain.activities().join("myProject").then((activity) => {
  // interact with the activity.

When a user joins the activity, other users who have also joined the activity will be notified.


When a user no longer wishes to participate in an activity, they can leave it by using the Activity.leave() method:


When a user leaves the activity, the other participants of the activity will be notified.

Getting Participants

Once joined, consumers will likely want to know who the other participants in the activity are. This can be accomplished using the participants() and participant(sessionId) methods.

// returns an array of participants
const participants = activity.participants();

// get a specific participant by sessionId
const participant1 = activity.participant("someSessionId");

Participation Events

An Activity object can emit two events that are useful for determining participants' presence over time.

Event Description
"session_joined" Emitted when a new session joins the activity
"session_left" Emitted when a previously joined session leaves the activity


activity.on("session_joined", (e) => {
  console.log(e.participant); // ActivityParticipant object

activity.on("session_left", (e) => {

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